光转换材料前言系列讲座2020年第2期——Young Soo Kang教授

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应兰州大学光转换材料与技术国家地方联合工程实验室主任王育华教授邀请,韩国西江大学Young Soo Kang教授举办线上学术报告。欢迎广大师生届时参加!

题目:Artificial Photosynthesis with Watse Plastics as Renewable Resources

报告人:Young Soo Kang教授



联系人:张强 13519691578


The combined technology of artifical photosynthesis with innovative technology for the treatment of waste plastics will be introduced based on the thermodynamics and kinetic aspect. The final ideal products of waste plastics are water and CO2. The produced CO2 could be converted into solar fuels via artificial photosyntyhesis. So this process makes th ideal process for the waste prostics being used as renewable resources of solar fules. The point of waste plastic treatment are the upconversion of solar light to enhance UV light emission and fast photodegradation of waste plastics with hybrid composite photocatalyt/magnetic particles by dispersing into mixed solution of water and organic solvent to have phase transfer photodegradation reaction. The detailed mechanism and insight of the thermodynamics and kinetics will be logically explained.


Young Soo Kang, 韩国西江大学教授。1984 获得韩国釜山国立大学学士学位;1986年获得韩国釜山国立大学硕士学位;1992年获得美国休斯敦大学博士学位。先后在加州大学伯克利分校、斯坦福大学从事博士后研究,1994-1995年担任美国IBM Almaden研究所研究员,1995-20082月为朴庆国立大学助理研究员,副教授,20083月起担任韩国西江大学教授。研究方向包括纳米材料,人工光合作用,磁性复合材料,波长转换材料等。

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